Pacific MANA is designed to provide all PICTs and those involved in NCD surveillance with a mutual accountability framework and a collaborative platform to support consolidated, coordinated and harmonised NCD monitoring action across the region.

Good quality NCD monitoring enables robust decision-making.  Effective NCD monitoring involves the collection, management, interpretation and translation of country and regional data from a number of sources across several domains.  These include mortality, morbidity, risk factors, environments, policies, and health system responses

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MANA Framework

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The  existing Pacific Heads of Health Sub Committee provides the MANA governance mechanism and act as the MANA Steering Committee .  It provides leadership in identifying priorities against the MANA objectives, guide decision-making and build coordination, collaboration and commitment between member networks and entities for future initiatives. 

Along with the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories all groups involved in any aspect of NCD monitoring are invited to become MANA Partners

A MANA Coordination Team, comprising representatives from five MANA partners, has been established to work closely with the MANA Steering Committee and partners to achieve the aims and objectives of MANA

Raising support for technical Capacity Building within countries and across the region is a key priority for MANA.  MANA’s holistic approach to NCD monitoring adds value to existing activities and underscores countries' prioritised monitoring needs. Demonstrating the critical role each monitoring component plays in achieving clearer overall NCD reporting, nationally and regionally, will strengthen proposals for bilateral and regional assistance.

For regular progress reporting, robust Accountabilty Systems are being developed by the Steering Committee and Coordination Team.  Indicators for inclusion in a Dashboard for NCD Action are currently under discussion

New, innovative monitoring approaches are being developed by groups around the region and new sources of funding are being sought to scale up activities.  Emphasis is currently focused on monitoring childhood BMI and monitoring food policies and environments. 

MANA Aims and Objectives

MANA aims to better coordinate, integrate and expand existing NCD monitoring and surveillance input to achieve:

1. Enhanced In-Country Capacity for collecting, analysing, and translating quality data into robust policy and action for NCDs.

2.   Sustainable  Regional Public Goods (RPG) by supporting investment in regional technical capacity to expand data improvement services.

3.   Robust Innovation and Accountability mechanisms by developing innovative NCD monitoring systems and establishing a reliable robust mutual accountability mechanism.

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Pacific MANA

The Pacific Monitoring Alliance for Noncommunicable Disease Action (MANA) is a collaborative alliance inclusive of all Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs), networks, agencies, organisations and institutions working to improve the monitoring and surveillance of non-communicable disease across the Pacific region.

The burden of the NCD crisis (premature death, chronic disease and disability) is creating huge and wide-ranging social and economic impacts which undermine development effectiveness and the already stretched health systems of all 22 PICTs.

For more than a decade Pacific Leaders have endorsed multiple high-level commitments aimed at addressing NCDs.  Pacific MANA responds to the ‘Apia Outcome’ of the 10th Meeting of Ministers of Health for Pacific Island Countries which called for the development of regional accountability mechanisms to ensure progress is achieved towards NCD goals and targets.